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Rob's Fleet Service Northwest, Inc. 17527 Hwy 99E Hubbard, Oregon 503-982-5516

Powerstroke Diesel Specialist
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Fleet Service Northwest Policies


Payments for services performed are due upon completion and return of the vehicle to the customer, unless the customer has a credit account with Fleet Service Northwest, Inc. Any additional charges due must also be paid before the vehicle will be returned. Currently, Fleet Service Northwest, Inc., accepts Cash, Check or Money Order payments, as well as Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit and debit cards. A $25 fee will be incurred for returned checks. A customer whose checks have been returned may be required to pay in cash at the sole discretion of Fleet Service Northwest, Inc., management, under the terms above.
Financing and Pre-Payment Requirements
Financing may be provided by various third-party financing companies to those who qualify. For services with an estimated cost of more than $2,000.00, a 50% down-payment, or pre-approved financing for 120% of the estimated cost will be required before special order parts are ordered and labor begins.
Credit Accounts
Credit accounts are granted by Fleet Service Northwest, Inc., to certain fleet customers at the sole discretion of Fleet Service Northwest, Inc. Credit account billing periods are calendar months. The entire balance is due on the 20th of the following month after the service was completed. A late fee of 1.5% per month will be incurred on any unpaid balances on the 1st day of the month after the due date. If the following payment is received by its due date, the previously incurred late fee will be waived. For example: April's balance is due on May 20th. If payment is received on or after June 1st, a late fee will be incurred. If May's balance is received by June 20th, the late fee incurred on June 1st will be waived.
If a credit account becomes more than 30 days past due, Fleet Service Northwest, Inc., may require at our sole discretion, that payment of the full account balance be paid before any vehicles or equipment will be returned to the customer. Credit accounts may be revoked for nonpayment or late payment at the sole discretion of Fleet Service Northwest, Inc.
Estimates produced by Fleet Service Northwest, Inc. are not price quotes. Labor rates are guaranteed for 45 days from estimate date. Labor hours shown are the estimated time a particular service will take, and do not include incidental or additional repairs or services that may become necessary. Services on the estimate may be based on visual inspections or preliminary diagnoses. Further diagnostics may reveal additional or alternative services or repairs are needed. Parts and material prices are beyond the control of Fleet Service Northwest, Inc. and are subject to change at any time without notice. By agreeing to allow Fleet Service Northwest, Inc. to perform the services listed on the estimate, you agree that Fleet Service Northwest, Inc. may perform any incidental repairs or services that are deemed necessary by Fleet Service Northwest, Inc. technicians during the performance of these services. You also agree to pay in full, before the vehicle is released from Fleet Service Northwest, Inc., the total amount of all invoices relating to the products and services on this estimate, as well as any other products and services that remain unpaid at that time.
A 10% discount up to $100, which can be combined with other discounts, will be granted on any services performed on non-commercial-use vehicles that are currently registered by active duty, reserve, national guard, or US military veterans. Proof of service such as a military ID is required.
Other discounts will be granted based on the descriptions specifically listed on the coupons or advertisements on which they appear. Competitors coupons or advertised discounts may be honored at the sole discretion of Fleet Service Northwest management.
Return Policy
Fleet Service Northwest, Inc., reserves the right to charge a 7% restocking fee on all returns. For special order items, the customer is responsible for all return shipping charges and additional restocking fees that may be charged by the distributor or manufacturer.
Diagnostics may be required before estimates can be prepared. By allowing Fleet Service Northwest, Inc. to begin diagnostics, the customer agrees to pay in full, all diagnostics charges including labor and parts and materials charges, as well as diagnostic information or software fees. These charges must be paid even if repairs related to the diagnostics are declined. There is a 1 hour minimum charge for diagnostics that may be waived if the related repair is performed by Fleet Service Northwest, Inc.
Lifetime Limited Warranty for Electrical Repair/Installation
Electrical repairs and installations performed by Fleet Service Northwest, Inc. will be covered by this fully-transferrable limited lifetime warranty. This warranty does not include "quick fixes" aka "while-you-wait" repairs or mobile repairs, and does not cover defective/worn devices and equipment, or damage to any part of the vehicle due to failure of a component that is no longer covered by the manufacturers warranty. Electrical devices/equipment installed by Fleet Service Northwest, Inc. generally have a manufacturer's warranty, usually 1 year, and can vary. This warranty also does not cover damage due to user neglect, or unreasonable abuse, including damage caused in crashes, or damage due to failure to have covered repairs performed in a timely manner. Damages caused by modification or repair by anyone other than Fleet Service Northwest, Inc. technicians also is not covered under this warranty.
Website Policy
All prices, discounts, policies and other information found on and other websites are subject to change without notice. Fleet Service Northwest, Inc. reserves the right to deny any outdated or erroneous policies listed.
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